What You Can Do

Speak up! Let your elected representatives know that one plumbing code—the UPC, the code that plumbers know and trust—is enough. Speak up against adding the unnecessary IPC as a legally required plumbing code in Washington. Your voices were heard, we asked you to oppose the following bills that were filed in the Washington State Legislature: HOUSE BILL 1435 AND SENATE BILL 5412, and neither made it out of their respective committees.

Find Your Representative

  • Once you complete this form your legislators’ names will appear (two Representatives and one Senator), click on a name to see their complete contact information. You will have the option to send email message. Click here for a sample message.
  • Register to vote

Make your voice heard

  • Don’t let the ICC be the only people talking to your elected representatives. You elected them; they should listen to YOU.
  • Send a letter to your State Representatives and Senator urging them to oppose adding the IPC. Click here for a sample letter.
  • Call the legislative hotline at 1-800-562-6000 and leave a message for your State Representatives and Senator urging them to oppose adding the IPC. Click here for a sample phone script.
  • Making a public record is important. When legislators know what the public opinion is—the opinion whose votes got them their jobs—they pay attention.

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